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Application of rare earth in coating industry
- Mar 16, 2018 -

Rare earth elements are widely used in rare earth coatings because of their special chemical activity. The application of rare earth in coating industry can be mainly used as drier, rare earth curing agent, rare earth pigment, rare earth heat preservation coating, etc.

1. Paint drier.

In the coating industry, the traditional drying agent is generally cobalt, manganese, lead, zinc, calcium and other metal organic acid soap. Although they still play an important role in coatings, they also have a single, serious pollution and high price deficiency.

Compared with traditional drier, rare earth drier can make up for the inadequacy of traditional drier,  and can give full play to the excellent characteristics of its own. Rare earth drier can improve the coating color, increase coating crosslinking degree, hardness and solvent resistance, can eliminate the pollution of lead and calcium, overcome cobalt crust drier easy cause coating, coating defects such as wrinkling, the price is cheap. In particular, China's cobalt source is scarce, and rare earth resources are abundant.

In the 1950s, there were rare earth drier products listed on the market, mainly composed of cerium and zirconium. Since the 1980s, scientists have developed a series of rare earth paint drying agents, which have been successfully used in the production of five kinds of dozens of varieties. Rare earth catalysts are usually made of rare earth fatty acids and rare earth naphthenic acid complexes. They can partially or even completely replace the lead, manganese, zinc and calcium in traditional drier, which can significantly reduce the amount of cobalt, which can be either low lead or lead-free paint, and can simplify the production process. The paint color is light, the adhesion is strong, the paint film is bright and dry, the paint quality is obviously improved.

2. Rare earth curing agent for coatings.

Rare earth phosphate (RPO4) and rare earth sulfate (R2 (SO4) 3)  both kinds of rare earth salt can be used as a new type of efficient architectural coatings curing agent, especially for sodium silicate (sodium silicate) inorganic compound with excellent results in series of architectural coatings. In addition, they can also make the paint color soft, film transparency enhancement, mechanical properties and weather resistance greatly improved. This is because the coating can form a large reticular structure due to the complex treatment of rare earth salts.

3. Rare earth storage type self-luminous pigment.

Traditional luminescent pigments are usually made of zinc, calcium, barium or strontium sulfide, a small amount of flux (such as sodium chloride), and a microactivator (such as copper chloride) and calcined. In recent years, found that the rare earth luminous pigment has many advantages, the luminous intensity is higher than traditional luminous pigment, long afterglow time also ten times, especially in my country is rich in rare earth resources, low price, also has brought the favorable conditions for its research.

The successful development of rare earth storage self-luminous light of pigment is a kind of light to storage luminous pigments, light is the use of certain rare earth elements in the 5 d - 4 f electronic transition principle, through the absorption, natural light, ultraviolet light, energy storage, release energy in the form of visible light or in the dark night, in the process of implementation - suction light emitting infinite repetition. Molecules, on the basis of the rare earth elements to activate the Eu, from the perspective of sensitization and synergy, adding auxiliary activator, thus forming the trap energy level, make the material of the luminous intensity is higher, after time longer. Also can be used as an additive, uniformly distributed in a variety of transparent medium, the medium self-luminous function, and can show this pigment with bright color, good low-alcohol emergency lighting, indicator and decorate beautification effect. The paint itself is non-toxic, harmless, contains no radioactive elements, and has good stability and weatherability. The process of absorbing light and light can be repeated indefinitely. Made of light-emitting products with this type of glow in the dark can automatically, showing a good low light, directional signs and adornment beautification effect, can be used for coatings, printing ink, plastic, rubber, etc., can also be absolutely safe applied to consumer goods, such as clothing, stationery, toys, clocks, switches, panels, ornaments, handicrafts, sports goods.

4. Rare earth thermal insulation coatings.

Rare earth composite insulation coatings are the latest thermal insulation coatings after traditional thermal insulation materials. The rare earth thermal insulation coating is made of mineral inorganic materials, selecting a variety of additives and adding a small amount of rare earth elements without organic binder. It has the advantages of low thermal conductivity, strong adhesion, small thickness and simple construction.

5. New antibacterial health nano-ecological coatings.

Mainly in the basic material in metal oxide compound antibacterial agent, silver, zinc, copper nanoparticles into packing with far infrared radiation properties of aluminum oxide, calcium oxide and zinc oxide nanoparticles, creatively join rich photocatalytic role in curing agent of titanium dioxide and rare earth activated zinc oxide, so that the coating itself has a low cost high performance coating properties, and has function of lasting antibacterial, the sterilization, sterilization rate of 100% in 6 hours, and air purification function, remove the harmful gas such as VOC, formaldehyde, and able to produce long-lasting negative oxygen ions to promote human health function features, is to realize the ecological residential bedroom has a good indoor and outdoor air quality and the strong biological function of climate regulation, the comfortable environment needed to satisfy the people's living, make a person, construction, form a virtuous circle between the ecological environment of ecological residential system.

6. Nano green steel paint.

Photochemical green paint by rare earth modified nano TiO2 light catalyst, adhesive, curing agent and packing uniform mixture, with non-toxic, tasteless, disinfection, sterilization, biodegradable and harmful material, no pollution, stable performance, long shelf life, high hardness, resistance to scrub, the nature of the collision. Nano green toughened paint superior performance, low cost, convenient for industrialized production, and in the process of production and construction are no pollution to the environment, belong to the green product, has the very good economic and social benefits.

My country is rich in rare earth resources,  its development and broad application prospects. The application of rare earth in coating industry is also more and more extensive.