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Overview of precious metal high speed electrochemical maker
- Mar 16, 2018 -

The manufacture of precious metals, especially platinum metal alloy, is the most difficult problem in precious metal refining. Conventional Wang Shuizao liquid only for more pure and fragmentation of fine gold, platinum, palladium powder can be completely dissolved, the scattered patches of the bar (mainly gold platinum alloy, gold platinum rhodium alloy, etc.), platinum (e.g., platinum rhodium, platinum, rhodium and iridium, platinum, rhodium, palladium alloy, etc.), palladium, rhodium alloy directly dissolve is invalid!! If it is dissolved, it can be dissolved effectively by repeated and heavy alloy fragmentation, high temperature chlorination (or alkali fusion), or by a long period of dangerous hot pressure oxygen. Inevitably to a large number of base metals in the process of foreign material, and complicate the refining process, after dissolving the solution must be troublesome to catch homework, nitrate and nitrate is hard to get out, residual nitrate is the main reason for the precious metal recovery efficiency is not high! The pollution in the whole process is relatively serious, the working condition is very poor! For this reason, in the past, based on the literatures of precious metal electrochemical production, thousands of experiments were carried out, and the latest thesis was absorbed, and the precious metal high speed electrochemical machine was sold in 2006. And finalize the design from 50 grams/hour (in platinum, similarly hereinafter) to 2000 grams per hour of ac/dc orthogonal phase shift circuit, finalize the design the electrochemical parameters of gold platinum palladium silver rhodium iridium (predominantly osmium, ruthenium or coarse osmium by repeated experiments, coarse ruthenium cannot electrochemical fluid, mainly is the partial osmium, ruthenium tetroxide volatile formation, serious loss of reason!) There is no foreign impurities in the liquid, no need to get rid of the nitrile (no nitrification), can enter the refining process directly! In order to facilitate the direct electrolytic refining of gold and silver platinum, an electrolytic refining terminal is specially designed. The how it is with the series of high purity hydrogen generator power supply, in the platinum group metal refining pure platinum, iridium, palladium, osmium and ruthenium chloride complexes subject to high temperature hydrogen reduction to obtain the corresponding high purity metal powder, then through hydrogen protected by melting into metal ingot! The supply of hydrogen is sufficient to meet the above requirements.