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Progress In Industrialization Of Rare Earth Nanomaterials
- Mar 16, 2018 -

Industrial production is often not the method of single some, but complement each other, several methods of composite, so as to achieve commercial products required by the high quality, low cost, safe and efficient process. Recent progress in the development of rare earth nanomaterials has been achieved. After a variety of methods of exploration and countless experiments, found out the more suitable for industrial production method, microwave method of gel, the biggest advantage is: the original gel reaction about 10 days, shortened to 1 day, 10 times that improves the production efficiency, cost is greatly reduced, and the product quality is good, is bigger than the surface, the user trial responded well, price is 30% lower than that of the United States, Japan, the product, very with international competitiveness, reached the international advanced level. Recent industrial trials with precipitation, mainly using ammonia and ammonia carbonate precipitation, surface treatment, using organic solvent dehydration and the method is simple in process, low cost, but the poor quality of the product, there are still some reunion, remains to be further improved and improve