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The Importance And Prospect Of Laser Crystal
- Mar 15, 2018 -

The appearance of the laser in the 1960s created a new situation in the field of optics, which promoted the process and development of photoelectric technology. Laser technology is the core component of optoelectronic technology, and laser crystal is the working substance of laser. Since the first ruby laser was introduced in 1960, there has been extensive research and exploration on the laser working material. Solid state laser crystal has experienced starting in the '60 s, seventy s, the development of the eighty s, the solid laser crystal has several host crystal from the initial development to the dozens of common. As the main body of solid laser, laser crystal has developed into the important pillar of solid laser technology. It is precisely because of the importance of laser crystals that it becomes a solid laser material with broad development prospects. According to foreign information, the world laser has the prospect of steady and steady growth. For years, governments in funding to reduce gradually, forcing companies to develop civilian products, adopting new technologies and measures to reduce costs, and combined with the user the demand of the market to develop new products, especially since 1996, feng, laser market, including materials processing, medical, communications, such as expanded rapidly, sales continue to steady growth. According to the BCC company, the average annual growth rate of 12.1 per cent will reach us $765.3 million in 2000 from us $476.3 million in 1996.

The 21st century is a century of informationization, and optoelectronic technology is a powerful driving force for the development of information society. Therefore, the optoelectronics industry has been regarded as an important pillar industry in the next century. In particular, many traditional industries have been unsupported by the impact of the financial crisis, which has made the role of high-tech industries, such as microelectronics and optoelectronics, increasingly prominent in supporting economic growth. In the last 20 years, the optoelectronics industry will develop at an average speed of 30-60%, while the research and development of materials is the foregone and foundation of the development of optoelectronic technology. Therefore, it has broad prospects for development. As an important optoelectronic material, the laser crystal has been used for civilian use and has a wide range of applications from scientific research to industrial production. Currently, about 90 percent of the laser crystals are doped with rare earths. Therefore, rare earth has become a very important element in laser crystal. Therefore, the great development of laser crystal will promote the wide application of rare earth.