7/28/2021 Raw materials price of Neodymium magnets

An overview of the Neodymium magnet raw materials latest price.

1 Neodymium magnet raw materials 

Magnet Searcher price assessments are informed by information received from a wide cross section of market participants including producers, consumers and intermediaries.

PrNd metal price Since2020

2 PrNd metal price


The price of PrNd metal has a decisive effect on the price of Neodymium magnet

 Nd metal price Since2020

3Nd metal price

DyFe metal price Since2020

4DyFe metal price Since

The price of DyFe alloy has a considerable influence on the cost of high coercivity Neodymium magnets.

Tb metal price Since2020

5Tb metal price

The price of Tb metal has a considerable influence on the cost of high intrinsic coercivity and high energy Neodymium magnets.

Post time: Jul-28-2021