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  • Nano europium oxide Eu2O3

    Product name: Europium oxide Eu2O3 Specification: 50-100nm, 100-200nm Color: Pink White White (Different particle sizes and colors may vary) Crystal form: cubic Melting point: 2350 ℃ Bulk density: 0.66 g/cm3 Specific surface area: 5-10m2/gEuropium oxide, melting point 2350 ℃, insoluble in water, ...
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  • Lanthanum element for solving Eutrophication of water body

    Lanthanum, element 57 of the periodic table.   In order to make the periodic table of elements look more harmonious, people took out 15 kinds of elements, including lanthanum, whose Atomic number increases in turn, and put them separately under the periodic table. Their chemical properties are si...
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  • Thulium laser in Minimally invasive procedure

    Thulium, element 69 of the periodic table.    Thulium, the element with the least content of rare earth elements, mainly coexists with other elements in Gadolinite, Xenotime, black rare gold ore and monazite.   Thulium and lanthanide metal elements coexist closely in extremely complex ores in nat...
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  • Gadolinium: The coldest metal in the world

    Gadolinium, element 64 of the periodic table. Lanthanide in the periodic table are a large family, and their chemical properties are very similar to each other, so it is difficult to separate them. In 1789, Finnish chemist John Gadolin obtained a metal oxide and discovered the first rare earth o...
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  • Effect of Rare Earth on Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys

    The application of rare earth in casting aluminum alloy was carried out earlier abroad. Although China started the research and application of this aspect only in the 1960s, it has developed rapidly. A lot of work has been done from mechanism research to practical application, and some achievemen...
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  • Dysprosium: Made into a Light Source to Promote Plant Growth

    Dysprosium: Made into a Light Source to Promote Plant Growth

    Dysprosium, element 66 of the periodic table Jia Yi of the Han Dynasty wrote in "On Ten Crimes of Qin" that "we should collect all the soldiers from the world, gather them in Xianyang, and sell them". Here, 'dysprosium' refers to the pointed end of an arrow. In 1842, after Mossander separated an...
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  • Application and Production Technology of Rare Earth Nanomaterials

    Rare earth elements themselves have rich electronic structures and exhibit many optical, electrical, and magnetic properties. After rare earth nanomaterialization, it exhibits many characteristics, such as small size effect, high specific surface effect, quantum effect, extremely strong optical, ...
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  • Magical Rare Earth Compound: Praseodymium Oxide

    Praseodymium oxide, molecular formula Pr6O11, molecular weight 1021.44.   It can be used in glass, metallurgy, and as an additive for fluorescent powder. Praseodymium oxide is one of the important products in light rare earth products.   Due to its unique physical and chemical properties, it has ...
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  • Emergency response methods for zirconium tetrachloride Zrcl4

    Zirconium tetrachloride is a white, shiny crystal or powder that is prone to deliquescence. Commonly used in the production of metal zirconium, pigments, textile waterproofing agents, leather tanning agents, etc., it has certain hazards. Below, let me introduce the emergency response methods of z...
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  • Zirconium tetrachloride Zrcl4

    Zirconium tetrachloride Zrcl4

    1,Breif introduction: At room temperature, Zirconium tetrachloride is a white crystalline powder with a lattice structure belonging to the cubic crystal system. The sublimation temperature is 331 ℃ and the melting point is 434 ℃. The gaseous zirconium tetrachloride molecule has a tetrahedral stru...
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  • What is cerium oxide? What are its uses?

    Cerium oxide, also known as cerium dioxide, has the molecular formula CeO2. Can be used as polishing materials, catalysts, UV absorbers, fuel cell electrolytes, automotive exhaust absorbers, electronic ceramics, etc.   Latest application in 2022: MIT engineers use ceramics to make glucose fuel ce...
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  • Preparation of Nano Cerium Oxide and Its Application in Water Treatment

    CeO2 is an important component of rare earth materials. The rare earth element cerium has a unique outer electronic structure - 4f15d16s2. Its special 4f layer can effectively store and release electrons, making cerium ions behave in the+3 valence state and+4 valence state. Therefore, CeO2 mater...
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