Service is one of our strongest advantages, manifested by keen focus on our clients' profitability when making all decisions. Our main objective is to provide our clients with maximum satisfaction. Some of our deliberations to achieve this are:

●  Customer synthesis/OEM
    With strong production ability and years of production experience, we are able to achieve rapid response in converting R&D to pilot scale production then to large scale production. We can take all kinds of resources to supply custom manufacturing services and OEM for many kinds of fine chemicals.

●  Conducting pre-approval processes, for example, regardless of their distance from our network, to appraise and authenticate their production and quality control facilities.

●  Careful evaluations of clients' normal need or special requests with a view to providing effective solutions.

●  The handling of any claims from our clients with expediency to ensure minimum inconveniences.

●  Providing regular upgraded price lists for our main products.

●  Quick relaying of information regarding unusual or unexpected market tendencies to our clients.
    Fast order processing and advanced office systems, usually resulting in the transmittals of order confirmations, proforma invoices and shipping details within a short time.

●  Full support in expediting fast clearance by transmittals of copies of the correct documents required by email or telex. These include express releases

●  Assisting our clients in meeting their projections, especially by accurate scheduling if deliveries.
    Provide value-added service and unique costumer experience to clients, meet the daily needs and provide solutions to their problems.

●  Positive deal with and timely feedback the needs and suggestions of costumers.

●  Possess professional product development capabilities, good sourcing abilities and energetic marketing team.

●  Our products sell well in European markets, and won a good reputation and high popularity.

●  Provide free samples.