Metalysis and international partnership aim at 3D printable aluminum-alloy powder

Metalysis, a UK-based manufacturer of metal powders for 3D printing and other technologies, has announced a partnership to manufacture scan alloys. Metal elements have a positive effect when combined with aluminum and show a high strength-to-weight ratio in aerospace and automotive applications.
The challenge for Didium is that the world only produces about 10 tons of this material every year. The demand is about 50% higher than this amount, thus increasing the cost. Therefore, in this partnership, Metalysis seeks to use its patented Fray, Farthing, Chen (FFC) technology to “help solve the cost constraints encountered when manufacturing aluminum-alloys.”
When the 3D printing industry opened its professional material discovery center, it learned more about the Metalysis powder metal process. The main difference between FFC and other powdered metal products is that it extracts metal alloys from oxides, rather than from expensive metals themselves. We also studied electrochemical methods in an interview with Metalysis metallurgist Dr. Kartik Rao.
If the Metalysis process of scandium metal powder can facilitate the traversal processing problem and provide a historical obstacle to the establishment of a 3D printed aluminum scan alloy competitive market, then for our company, our project partners and end users, this will be a revolutionary technology. breakthrough.
So far, the company has partnered with Metalysis of scandium metal powder to choose to remain anonymous, but this version stipulates that the company must operate on an international scale. The details of the research and development plan indicate that the two companies will work together to create a “scan-rich raw material to support the production of master alloys.”
Since the specific use of metal powder depends on the size of its particles, the Metalysis R&D team has confirmed that they will focus on refining aluminum-alloy powder for 3D printing.
Other scan powders used in 3D printing include Scalmalloy® developed by APWorks, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Airbus. As seen on IMTS 2016, an example application of Scalmalloy® can be found in Lightrider motorcycles.
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Post time: Sep-03-2020