The characteristics and applications of nano erbium oxide powder

Rare earth oxide nano erbium oxide

Basic information
Molecular formula: ErO3
Molecular weight: 382.4
CAS No.:12061-16-4
Melting point: non melting

Product features
1. Erbium oxide has irritancy, high purity, uniform particle size distribution, and is easy to disperse and use.
2. It is easy to absorb moisture and carbon dioxide, and when heated to 1300 ℃, it transforms into hexagonal crystals without melting.

Product name  Nano erbium oxide
model XL-Er2o3
colour Light pink powder
Average primary particle size (nm) 40-60
Nano Er2O3: (w)% 99%
Water solubility Slightly soluble in inorganic acids, insoluble in water and ethanol
relative density 8.64
Ln203 ≤ 0.01
Nd203+Pr6011 ≤ 0.03
Fe203 ≤ 0.01
Si02 ≤ 0.02
Ca0 ≤ 0.01
Al203 ≤ 0.02
LOD 1000°℃,2Hr) 1
Package 100 grams per bag; 1 kg/bag: 15 kg/box (barrel) optional.
Note According to user requirements, we can provide products with different particle sizes, surface organic coating modification, and dispersion solutions with different concentrations and solvents. Please consult customer service for details.


Used as an additive for yttrium iron garnet and a control material for nuclear reactors, used in the manufacture of special luminescent glass and infrared absorbing glass, and also used as a coloring agent for glass.
3. Used in the manufacturing of erbium salt compounds, chemical reagents, and other industries.

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