The application effect of nano lanthanum oxide in lubricating oil

The application effect of nano lanthanum oxide in lubricating oil


When the maximum card-free bite load PB value of the base oil lubricating oil is 362N, the diameter of the grinding spot is 0.720mm, and the friction factor is 0.1240, the nano-La2O3 particles are added, and the PB value increases as the mass fraction of the nanoparticles increases. The maximum value of 510N is reached when the mass fraction is 0.4%-0.8%. When the content is greater than 0.8%, the PB value decreases. The spot diameter D and the friction factor reached the minimum values of 0.454mm and 0.0881 at a mass fraction of 0.8%. The illustration shows that the addition of nano-La2O3 particles to the base oil can improve the anti-wear and friction reduction performance of the lubricating oil, and the optimal addition amount is 0.8%. Compared with the base oil, its PB value was increased by 40.8%, the diameter of the abrasive spot was reduced by 36.9%, and the coefficient of friction was reduced by 29%.


nano lanthanum oxide


Mechanism analysis of nanoparticles as lubricant additives


(1) Polishing mechanism. Nano-La2O3 particles can play a "micro-polishing" role on the friction sub-surface, making the friction surface smoother and reducing friction.

(2) Scrolling mechanism. On the surface of the friction pair, the nano-La2O3 particles play a "micro-bearing" role, reducing friction and improving the load carrying capacity.

(3) Repair mechanism. Nano-La2O3 particles can fill in the pits and play a role in filling and repairing.

(4) Film forming mechanism. Under the action of frictional pressure stress, nano-La2O3 particles with high surface activity are strongly adsorbed by particles, forming a protective film, which can protect the friction surface.

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