What is gadolinium oxide used for?

Gadolinium oxide is a substance composed of gadolinium and oxygen in chemical form, also known as gadolinium trioxide. Appearance: White amorphous powder. Density 7.407g/cm3. The melting point is 2330 ± 20 ℃ (according to some sources, it is 2420 ℃). Insoluble in water, soluble in acid to form corresponding salts. Easy to absorb water and carbon dioxide in the air, can react with ammonia to form gadolinium hydrate precipitation.

gd2o3 gadolinium oxide


Its main uses include:
1.Gadolinium oxide is used as a laser crystal: In laser technology, gadolinium oxide is an important crystal material that can be used to manufacture solid-state lasers for communication, medical, military and other fields. Used as an additive for yttrium aluminum and yttrium iron garnet, as well as a sensitized fluorescent material in medical devices

2. Gadolinium oxide is used as  a catalyst: Gadolinium oxide is an effective catalyst that can promote the rate and efficiency of certain chemical reactions, such as hydrogen generation and alkane distillation processes. Gadolinium oxide, as an excellent catalyst, is widely used in chemical processes such as petroleum cracking, dehydrogenation, and desulfurization. It can improve the activity and selectivity of the reaction, reduce energy consumption, and improve the quality and yield of the product.
3. Used for the production of gadolinium metal: Gadolinium oxide is an important raw material for the production of gadolinium metal, and high-purity gadolinium metal can be produced by reducing gadolinium oxide.

Gd metal
4. Used in the nuclear industry: Gadolinium oxide is an intermediate material that can be used to prepare fuel rods for nuclear reactors. By reducing gadolinium oxide, metallic gadolinium can be obtained, which can then be used to prepare different types of fuel rods.