99.9% Lithium Difluoro(oxalato)Borate / LiDFOB with CAS No. 409071-16-5

Short Description:

99.9% Lithium Difluoro(oxalato)Borate / LiDFOB Battery grade
CAS No. 409071-16-5
Appearance:White powder or crystalline powder
Purpose:New lithium electrolyte salts
Storage:room temperature,seal

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Brief introduction:

Chemical name: lithium difluoroacetic acid borate, lithium difluoroacetylic acid borate

English name: Lithium Oxalyldifluoro Borate;
      Lithium Difluoro(oxalato) Borate
Shorthand: LiDFOB, LiODFB
CAS No.: 409071-16-5
Chemical: LiBF2C2O4
Molecular weight: 143.77 g/mol

Appearance: White or yellow powder

Solubility: very soluble in water, has a strong moisture absorption;
      It has good solubility in carbonate solvents, ether compounds, y-butylene and other solvents

Operation, transport and storage

Precautions: Since lithium difluoric acid borate is easy to absorb water, it is recommended to pack and dispose of it in a vacuum glove box or dry room
Storage conditions: Keep closed and stored away from heat sources at room temperature or low temperature, in a dry, ventilated environment
Storage period: Closed storage period of 2 years
Danger level: Non-hazardous chemicals
Packing class rating: None

Packaging specifications

3KG: 3kg, 5L fluorinated plastic bucket or aluminum bottle
Customization: Tailor packaging to customer requirements

Technical specifications

Project Battery level
Purity, % 99.9 min
Moisture, ppm 200 max
Insoluble, % 0.2 max
Na+K, ppm 20 max
Ca, ppm 5 max
Fe, ppm 5 max
Cl, ppm 5 max
SO4, ppm 5 max



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