Nano cerium oxide powder CeO2 nanopowder/nanoparticles

Short Description:

Product name: Cerium oxide nanopowder
Purity: 99.95%
Particle size: 30-50nm, 50-80nm, etc
Package: 25kg/drum or as your request

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Brief information

1. Name: Cerium Dioxide; Ceric oxide; Cerium oxide;

2. Molecular formula : CeO2

3. Purity: 99.9% 99.99% 99.999% optional

4. Color: nano size, 30-50nm, 50-100nm ( light yellow powder),

              micron size, 1-10um, ( generally white powder)

5. CAS No.: 1306-38-3

Basic information

Cerium oxide is a kind of inorganic substance, chemical formula CeO2, light yellow or yellowish brown powder. Density 7.13g/cm3, melting point 2397℃, insoluble in water and alkali, slightly soluble in acid.

Under the temperature of 2000℃ and pressure of 15MPa, ceria can be obtained by reducing ceria with hydrogen. When the temperature is free at 2000℃ and the pressure is free at 5MPa,

Cerium oxide is yellowish reddish, and pink, its performance is to do polishing material, catalyst, catalyst carrier (auxiliary), ultraviolet absorber, fuel cell electrolyte, Automobile exhaust absorber, electronic ceramics, etc.


1. Pores are not easily formed when nano-sized cerium oxide is added into ceramics, which can improve the density and finish of ceramics.

2, nano cerium oxide has good catalytic activity, suitable for use in coating materials or catalysts;

3, nano cerium oxide can be used for plastic, rubber anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging, rubber heat stabilizer, etc. The use of anti-aging agents in coatings.

Application field:

1, Nano cerium oxide powder applied for Catalyst, polishing, chemical additives, electronic ceramics, structural ceramics, UV absorbent, battery materials

2.Nano cerium oxide powder used for Fine functional ceramics; Added to ceramics can lower sintering temperature, inhibit lattice growth, improve the density of ceramics;

3, Nano cerium oxide powder applied for Alloy coating: add zinc nickel, zinc drill and zinc iron alloy to change the electrocrystallization process of zinc, promote the crystal surface to produce preferred orientation, coating microstructure is more uniform, more dense, thus improving the corrosion resistance of the coating;

4, Polymer: can increase the thermal stability of polymer and aging resistance.

5, Nano cerium oxide powder used as plastic, rubber heat stabilizer and anti-aging agent

6, Nano cerium oxide powder used as a plastic lubricant, improve the lubrication coefficient of plastics,

7, Nano cerium oxide powder apply for polishing.


Products Name

Nano cerium oxide powder

CeO2/TREO (% min.) 99.999 99.99 99.9 99
TREO (% min.) 99 99 99 99
Loss on ignition (% max.) 1 1 1 1
Rare Earth Impurities ppm max. ppm max. % max. % max.
La2O3/TREO 2 50 0.1 0.5
Pr6O11/TREO 2 50 0.1 0.5
Nd2O3/TREO 2 20 0.05 0.2
Sm2O3/TREO 2 10 0.01 0.05
Y2O3/TREO 2 10 0.01 0.05
Non-Rare Earth Impurities ppm max. ppm max. % max. % max.
Fe2O3 10 20 0.02 0.03
SiO2 50 100 0.03 0.05
CaO 30 100 0.05 0.05
PbO 5 10    
Al2O3 10      
NiO 5      
CuO 5      

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