Lanthanum Boride LaB6

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Product Name Lanthanum hexaboride
CAS number 12008-21-8
Molecular formula lanthanum hexaboride poisoning
Molecular weight 203.77
Appearance white powder / granules
Density 2.61 g/mL at 25C
Melting Point 2530C


Lanthanum hexaboride work function is widely applied in electron industry,its field emission property is betterthan other materials such as W and is widely used in electron microscope,etc.At present,it is reported in literature that lanthanum hexaboride work function has superconductivity,but the temperatureis very low (about 1K).As lanthanum hexaboride poisoning has many excellent performances,for example,strong electron emission intensity,strong radiation resistance,good chemical stability in high temperature,etc.This material is widely applied in military and many high-tech areas.It can be used in radar,aerospace,electronic industry,instrumentations,medical devices, household appliances, metallurgy industry,etc. Of which,lanthanum boride single crystal is the best material to manufacture high-power valve, magnetron ,electron beam ,ion beam,accelerator cathode.


La(%,min) 68.0 68.45
B(%,min) 31.0 31.15
lanthanum hexaboride poisoning/(TREM+B)(%,min) 99.99 99.99
TREM+B(%,min) 99.0 99.7
RE Impurities(ppm/TREO,Max)
Ce   3.5
Pr   1.0
Nd   1.0
Sm   1.0
Eu   1.3
Gd   2.0
Tb   0.2
Dy   0.5
Ho   0.5
Er   1.5
Tm   1.0
Yb   1.0
Lu   1.0
Y   1.0
Non-Re Impurities(ppm,Max)
Fe   300.0
Ca   78.0
Si   64.0
Mg   6.0
Cu   2.0
Cr   5.0
Mn   5.0
C   230.0


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