Copper Yttrium Master Alloy CuY20 metal ingots

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Product: Copper Yttrium Metal Ingots
Formula: CuY
Y content: 20%
Appearance: Lump pieces, ingots, etc.
Brand: Xinglu Chem

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Copper Yttrium Master Alloy Cu-20Y Metal Ingots

Master alloys are semi-finished products, and can be formed in different shapes. They are pre-alloyed mixture of alloying elements. They are also known as modifiers, hardeners, or grain refiners based on their applications. They are added to a melt to achieve the disired result. They are used instead of a pure metal because they are very economical and save energy and production time.

Copper-yttrium alloy is a material composed of copper and yttrium. It is known for its high electrical conductivity and thermal stability, making it useful in a variety of electrical and electronic applications. Due to its excellent electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, the alloy is commonly used in the production of electrical contacts, heat sinks and electronic equipment components. Additionally, it is used in specialized applications such as high-temperature superconductors, gas sensors, and certain aerospace components.

Product Name Copper Yttrium Master Alloy
Content Chemical Compositions ≤ %
Balance Y/RE RE Si Fe Al
CuY20 25 30 Cu >99.5% 20, 25, 30 0.03 0.05 0.03
Applications 1. Hardeners: Used for enhancing physical and mechanical properties of metal alloys.
2. Grain Refiners: Used for controlling the dispersion of individual crystals in metals to produce a finer and more uniform grain structure.
3. Modifiers & Special Alloys: Typically used to increase strength, ductility and machinability.
Other Products CuCe, CuLa, CuCa, CuP, CuAs, CuZr, CuMg, etc.



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