Nano silicon dioxide powder / Silica nanopowder / SiO2 Nanoparticles

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1.Name: Silicon dioxide
2.Purity: 99.9% min
3.Appearacne: White powder
4.Particle size: 20nm, 50nm, 100-200nm, 500nm, 1um, etc
5.Best service

1 Rubber modified, sealant ceramic toughening modification, adhesives, functional fiber additive, plastic modification, paint aging additives;
2 Ceramics, nano ceramic, composite ceramic substrate;
3 Polymer: can increase the thermal stability and anti-aging polymer;
4 Flame retardant materials and coatings, high grinding medium, cosmetic products;
5 In cluster butyl benzene and chlorinated polyethylene adding a small amount of nano SiO2produce color rubber tenacity, elongation, strength, flexural performance and ultraviolet resistance and thermal aging performance and achieve or exceed epdm;
6 In traditional coating adding a small amount of nano silicon oxides, good solve the suspension stability, thixotropy and poor, poor finish.



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