Benzalkonium Chloride Bkc 50% and 80% Disinfectant

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Product name: BKC
CAS No.: 8001-54-5
Purity: 50% and 80%
Package: 200kg per drum

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1),Product name:Benzalkonium Chloride : 1227
2), English name: Dodecyl dimethyl benzyl ammon ium chloride benzalkonium chl or ide
3) Chemical Structure: C1aHas-N-(CH)2-H-CaHs-CL
4), materialized nature: this product has an aromatic light yellow liquid, soluble in water, good chemical stability, heat resistance, light resistance, no
volatility. It has strong anti-moth resistance of sterilization and antibacterial. In acidic and alkaline solutions, they can be broken down into long-chain cations with a yang charge
5), quality  standards:
Appearance: Colorless or pale yellow transparent liquid
Active content%: 45±2
Free amines content: ≤1
 Amine Salt: <3. 0
PH value: 6-8
6), product use:
1. Acrylic homogeneous dye: active content of 45±2, dissolved in water to clarify no turbidity, PH value 6. 5-7 can be used as a acrylic homogeneous dye.
2. Sterilizing algae agent: plant recycling cooling water, power plant water, oil field oil well injection system sterilization algae.
3. Disinfection fungicides: hospital surgery and medical equipment disinfectants;
Agent: Disinfection fungicides in the process of sugar production.
7), storage and packaging: 50kg / plastic barrels, placed in a ventilated dry place, do not mix with strong alkalis.




Quaternary active matter%


pH value(10% solution)


Tertiary amine and amine HCL




Carbon distribution %



C16=3 max


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